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The "white oil" of the 4th industryLeader in Lithium

A frontrunner in lithium material, a material called “white petroleum” to lead the 4th industrial era


At this moment, every country is making various efforts to prevent global warming to pass down a clean sky and earth environment to the next generation. As part of this, electric vehicles equipped with lithium cells, which are regarded as an eco-friendly transportation means, are considered to be a powerful solution instead of internal combustion engine cars that use diesel or gasoline.

Fortunately, Korea has the world’s best lithium cell manufacturing technologies and manufacturers. However, lithium cells cannot have competitiveness with technology alone. Lithium materials should be secured. These are the core materials of lithium cells, and their market is getting bigger as the electric vehicle market is rapidly growing. However, all lithium materials are imported.

With this background, ECOPRO INNOVATION has secured a value chain for lithium cells by developing manufacturing and processing technologies for lithium compound, which is a core material of lithium cells. ECOPRO established KOTICS in 2005 to secure the supply of its core materials and changed the name to ECOPRO INNOVATION in 2012.

In 2012, ECO INNOVATION started producing filter frames, a core component of the chemical air filters produced by ECOPRO. In 2016, the company expanded its business area to include grinding, drying and processing of ultra high purity lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide as well as manufacturing and supplying of lithium nickel oxide, an electrode additives.

ECOPRO INNOVATION has completed the process technology for manufacturing battery-class lithium hydroxide from low purity lithium carbonate and strives to secure lithium resources, which are core materials to lead the 4th industrial era, and waste lithium recycling technology.

Company Status

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    Kim Yne-Tae

    Employee Status

    112 people

    As of late 2018
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    Sales: 13.2 billion won

    As of late 2018

Business Area

  • Grinding and Drying of Lithium Carbonate

    Grinding and drying of lithium carbonate, which is used as an additive for manufacturing lithium ion cell electrodes Moisture content: 100 ppm or less Mean grain diameter: 2.5 μm

  • Lithium Hydroxide Fine Powder

    Grinding and refining of lithium hydroxide, which is used as a cathode active material for lithium ion cells Average particle diameter: 20 μm Magnetic foreign bodies: 100 ppb or less

  • Lithium Nickel Oxide

    Manufacturing lithium nickel oxide (Li2NiO2), which is used as an additive for manufacturing lithium ion cell electrodes

  • Filter Frame

    Out Filter Frame is the precisely designed product suitable to high quality-semiconductor equipment which requires lots of details. Ecopro innovation has been supplying various types of filter frame for OAC, TY, FFU, CY, CE, SW. following to customer’s demand.