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ECOPRO BM’s Company Name

The company name ECOPRO BM, which is the parent company, is a combination of “ECO,” which is intended to represent ecosystem, nature and the environment and “PRO,” which is intended to represent pro (in favor of), protect, prosper, project and professional.. With this name we wanted to express how our company is committed to protecting the natural environment as one that is close to people, and furthermore, how our company is a group of experts who seek new creations. “BM” in ECOPRO BM is an abbreviation of “battery materials,” which expresses our identity as a specialized battery material company.

Symbol Mark and Logo Type

Containing the Natural Environment

symbolizes mountains and fields; and blue symbolizes rivers and seas. Taken together, the bands extending from the ECOPRO BM logo symbolizes ECOPRO BM’s practice of protecting and cleaning the natural environment, which is for all mankind.

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