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CEO Message

ECOPRO BM, the leading corporate in cathode material industry for high growth secondary cell

Since 2004, ECOPRO, the parent company of ECOPRO BM, started to research and develop cathode material for secondary cell, and successfully mass produce the high-nickel material first in Korea, and to specialize in the cathode material business, ECOPRO BM was physically divided on May 2016 and currently leading the global high capacity cathode material market.

Based on the consistent partnership with 'Samsung SDI', 'SONY', the globally dominant secondary cell manufacturers, we have demonstrated our advanced technology, and expanded the applicability of our technology to cordless devices from electric tool to cordless cleaner by securing the safety of the material and quantity of employment. Also, we have been throughly prepared to enter the era of 'EV(Electric Vehicle)' which is the future of automobile industry.

By entering the high growth EV market, we will make a return with higher growth.

The core competitiveness in EV market is 'mileage per 1 full charge'. We didn't settle for being the strong in battery material for electric tool, but developed the cathode material for EV with excellent capacity, safety and durability by advancing the technology, and applied and commercialized high-nickel cathode material with Ni content over 80% to EV battery in 2018 first in the world. We are proactively responding to expand this material to EV.

Since 2014, our annual growth doubled every year. As of the first half of 2021, our manufacture CAPA has secured 61,400 Ton/Year, and it will increase up to 90,000 Ton/Year by the first half of 2023. Furthermore, we are proceeding the Value Chain Integration to be the top corporate in the field of up-streaming and recylcing of cathode material.

Ladies and gentlemen!

We ask for your affection and interest toward ECOPRO BM. Thank you!


Jae-Hwan Joo, moon-ho Choi