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Take action on climate change

"Join the fight against climate change"

EcoPro focuses on solving environmental issues in the local community and conducts environmental education and awareness-raising activities with university students and children.

  • Installation of Fine Dust Green Light 'Fine Dust Notification Board’

    EcoPro has been supporting the installation of fine dust notification boards in local elementary, middle, and high schools since 2019 to help students learn and grow in a healthy environment.

  • Eco-Walking Campaign

    The Eco-Walking Campaign, which started in 2019, is an activity in which employees walk to improve their health, protect the environment, and make donations in areas such as Cheongju and Pohang.

  • EcoPro Children's Environmental Festival

    The Eco Green Day is a festival where children can experience various experiences in the local community based on the theme of the environment.


Developing future talent to realize their dreams


Creating jobs and supporting independence for people with disabilities


Shared growth through communication with local communities