Battery Material Business


Introduction of Subsidiaries

ECOPRO BM Research Institute

ECOPRO BM is enhancing the competitiveness of core technology related to secondary cells with ceaseless R&D.


Cathode materials are the core materials that determine a battery’s voltage, energy density, lifespan, output, etc., and it is important to appropriately combine nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co) and aluminum (Al) to satisfy the performance needed according to the particular usage of the secondary cell. Also, the performance of the precursor is important to ensure the excellent characteristics of cathode materials. For example, powder particles should be small and even. Therefore, it can be said a company equipped with a batch production system for precursor-cathode material has competitiveness.

ECOPRO BM retains a whole process synthesis technology from precursors to cathode materials and focuses on the development of technology for high-nickel ultra-high volume cathode materials. Also, it is developing element technology that can be applied variously to power tools, electric vehicles (xEV), etc. by securing high-performance characteristics such as stability and high output of high-volume cathode materials while minimizing quality errors with the development of mass production process design technology for high-quality products.

R&D Investment and Manpower

R&D Investment

R&D Manpower

Research Area Overview

Development of precursor synthesis technologies

Developing various precursor synthesis technologies to manufacture high-density precursors

Development of high-volume NCA technologies

Developing next-generation materials that have overcome volume limitations and have cost competitiveness

Development of high-safety CSG technologies

Developing concentration gradient type core shell (core shell gradient, or CSG) whose lifespan and stability is excellent

Development of mass production technologies

Securing quality and production stabilization with the securement of mass production process technologies