Battery Material Business



Company Strengths

  • Responding to rapid product changes with batch production, which ranges from precursors to cathode materials
  • Diversification of products and customer segments by securing the best technologies, such as stabilization of surface and structure, control of lithium remnants, and high-density particle control technology
  • Increase of market power such as advanced development of next-generation materials with major customer companies
  • Competence in increasing continuous production capability matching growth of the EV market

Product Features

NCA Series

  • Secured absolute advantage when it comes to high-nickel products
  • Continuous power application growth + expanded EV
  • Established a joint venture with Samsung SDI

NCM Series

  • Frist in the world to commercialize NCM 811
  • Produce to large-sized batteries such as EV and ESS
  • Realized high-volume and safety with concentration gradient technology


  • Combined the advantages of NCA(high-energy) + NCM (long life span)
  • High-performance, highly stable nickel applied with single crystal
  • Realized various features with differentiated doping and coating