Battery Material Business



Company Strengths

  • Responding to rapid product changes with batch production, which ranges from precursors to cathode materials
  • Accumulated production amount of over 10,000 tons and proven mass production technology accumulated over 10 years
  • Diversification of products and customer segments by securing the best technologies, such as stabilization of surface and structure, control of lithium remnants, and high-density particle control technology
  • Increase of market power such as advanced development of next-generation materials with major customer companies
  • Competence in increasing continuous production capability matching growth of the EV market (precursors, cathode materials)

Product Features

NCA Series

  • Korea’s only Ni-RICH, High-end materials
  • LIB cathode material that has the highest reversible capacity of all time
  • Customized NCA modeling according to the needs of customer companies

CSG(advanced NCM)

  • Received U.S. R&D award in 2012
  • Realization of high volume + safety with concentration gradient technology
  • Evaluation is underway on application to EV as a next-generation new material thanks to its long lifespan and capacity which is next only to NCA